Growth Balanced​ Investment Strategy

Our growth balanced strategy aims to grow invested capital over the long-term. It is designed to deliver current income and capital appreciation through an actively managed, diversified, value-oriented portfolio allocation. Karpus’ growth balanced strategy typically allocates between 50% and 90% of portfolio assets in stocks and 10% to 50% of assets in combination of bonds and cash.

Our growth balanced portfolio is focused on capitalizing on the market inefficiencies of trading closed-end funds at discounts. However, we also utilize preferred securities, special purpose acquisition companies (pre-acquisition) (SPACs), exchange traded funds, and mutual funds.

Advantages of Our Balanced Management Strategy:

  • A balanced mandate allows us to utilize securities that may be overlooked by managers with an equity or fixed income focus.
  • We are able to make tactical decisions to allocate to securities/asset classes we find to be the most attractive.
  • Dynamic rebalancing aids in keeping accounts in line with their desired asset allocation targets.

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Periods ending 12/31/23

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