Investment Strategies Overview

Our Mission:

Investment Management Performance

Our ongoing mission is to achieve investment results for you that are above benchmark returns over multiple time periods.

Asset Allocation is the Key to Investment Success

We provide you with personalized asset allocation, focusing on conservative, long-term investment management.


KIM manages balanced portfolios that combine the advantage of our long-term fixed-income, equity and alternative strategies (where applicable).

Fixed Income

KIM manages both taxable and tax-advantaged bond portfolios. We emphasize intermediate durations, high credit quality, sector allocation to control risk, and historical trend analysis.


KIM equity management emphasizes closed-end funds, exchange-traded funds and open-end funds. These funds invest in international as well as domestic stocks.

Alternative Investments

Alternative investments provide a unique level of diversification and are used when we believe that equities are overvalued. These strategies include long/short funds, market neutral funds, covered call funds, high yield debt funds, distressed debt funds, REIT funds, MLP funds, precious metal funds, private equity (business development companies), commodity funds, and senior notes/preferred stock of closed-end funds/business development companies.