Investment Process

While we have a focus on CEFs, we diversify your portfolio between closed-end, open-end, and exchange traded funds (ETFs) to meet your objectives as market conditions dictate.

We will consult with you to determine your goals, investment horizon, and tolerance for risk. We’ll also take into account outside tax events (such as capital gains and losses) for higher after-tax returns where applicable.

Once this overview is established, we’ll create a target investment matrix for your appropriate asset allocation that takes into account sector weightings, yield curve positioning, and duration targets. On a daily basis, we conduct a security-by-security analysis in our investable universe to identify and capitalize on market inefficiencies.

We will work alongside you to determine the appropriate benchmark to use for performance comparison, to show if we are meeting your goals over specified time periods.

Understanding Closed-End Funds

Understanding Closed-End Funds